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Weddings in Cyprus

Civil Weddings

If there is a place in the world that can claim to be connected with Love, this is Cyprus! The island of Love and beauty, the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, is the ideal place for couples that decided to connect their lives.

The legislation in Cyprus and the excellent services, make the country an ideal place to organize your civil wedding. For the past few years, the island has been a destination for couples from all over the world, especially from Europe and the neighbour countries.

Knossos Travel has been part of all that from the very beginning and we are proud to announce that our services provided by a well trained, multilingual team, have given us the first place in that field.
Special packages for wedding couples and honeymooners are available on very high standards. Choose the kind of wedding you are dreaming about, choose what you want to offer to yourself or to your guests, choose the catering, the flowers, the music and the place. We have the expertise to organise a civil wedding in any location around Cyprus.

Have your wedding in a Municipality Hall or in any of the hotels or if you wish to be more romantic…by the beach or further more next to the Aphrodite rock the birth place of the Goddess of Love!!!

Knossos Travel is organising over a 1000 civil weddings every year